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About MP Testing Services

MP&MJ Pty Ltd is an Australian-based international education organisation that offers tailored assistance to students and tertiary education providers, promotes the use of Australian and New Zealand education expertise and facilitates the enrolment of international students in Australia.

The main objective of the company is to provide the highest level of service and opportunities to international students, and education providers

In August 2015, MP Testing Services was officially approved as an authorised Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre. With a growing number of overseas students interested in gaining entry to colleges and universities in Australia and New Zealand, Cambridge exams are playing an increasingly significant role. More candidates are also choosing to take a Cambridge English Examination to enable them to achieve their language learning goals.

Importantly, in November 2014 the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recognised the Cambridge English Certificate (CAE) in assessing whether applicants meet its language proficiency requirements. Furthermore, candidates are able to leave Australia with a globally recognised Cambridge certificate, helping them to fulfill their academic or career ambitions.

MP Testing Services offers candidates the opportunity to sit their Cambridge English Examination in a convenient location in Sydney. Our experienced staff can assist candidates with registering for the exams, as well as enrolling in a preparation course with professional providers of their choice. We will answer any queries that relate to the Cambridge English Examination registration within 24 hours.

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